Ready-to-drink, which is popular in the streets and can be drunk immediately, is back in stock. The container bottle has been renewed! From light-shielding to transparent bottles. We hope that you will be able to visually experience the surprises that are different in color from the so-called cola that you would have drank, and the spices and citrus fruits that settle. You can also see how the spices settle down, so please drink while mixing slowly. The world's first manufacturer specializing in craft cola. Mr. Kobayashi, the representative of Iyoshi Coke, seems to have been drinking cola all over the world as a cola enthusiast. From the desire to "make the ultimate cola that impresses", we repeated trial and error in making cola, and in July 2018, we started the mobile sales car "Kingfisher" at the Aoyama Farmers Market. Today, we have our own workshop along the cherry blossom trees in Shimoochiai, Tokyo, and cola is made. This product is very popular, so please do not hesitate to contact us. The price is also lower than before.