• Louise Madzia Ceramic, a brand of designer and ceramist Louise Madzia, based in London, England.

    The simple yet playful design fits naturally into your life, regardless of who or where you use it.

    A bold, stable black Stoke-on-Trent screen print is applied to a beautiful white pottery with a creativity, and what is printed is a drawing drawn by her.

    The paintings are inspired by galleries, paintings and movies.


    The process of shaping the shape is all done by hand.


    The surface has a smooth texture. On top of that, if you touch the part of the Stoke-on-Trent line with your finger, it will be a little plump.

    It looks heavy, but when I actually hold it in my hand, it's lighter than I imagined and I'm surprised.


    Six kinds of mini pots from her work.

    There are 4 hand signs and 2 people.


    As the name suggests, the size is very large.

    There are people who often make cakes with cups, but if you eat this, you will be full.

    Rather, it seems that you can eat rice with this.

    If you use it as a mug, it is recommended for those who want to get plenty of caffeine.

    Of course, it is a size that can grow plants, so please use it as you like.


    * Stoke-on-Trent: Famous as a production center for a high-quality ceramic brand called "Potteries (British Ceramics Village)" located in the center of England.

    Louise Madzia Ceramics large mug


    陶器_W9.5cm × D10.5cm | ハンドル_W17cm